Join Gaylaxy & How Revealing to #BreakTheSilence around Abuse, Harassment and Bullying of LGBTQs

Often LGBTQ people face various kinds of abuse, harassment, bullying and other remarks from people around them and society in general. Sometimes it is in the form of sexual abuse, sometime physical abuse, sometimes emotional abuse. At times they are harassed at their workplace, bullied while in school, or are just in abusive relationships that they cannot break free from.

However, most of the times, such individuals endure this silently, because either they don’t have anyone to tell, or no one believes them, or blames them instead, or because these topics are too taboo even within the LGBTQ community. But it is important that we speak about our experiences, and not be silenced by the society. That we tell our stories and give others the strength. Moreover, speaking about such abuse can often be cathartic.

So, Gaylaxy and How Revealinghave started an online campaign #BreakTheSilence. Let’s break the silence, inspire and help take the fight forward – together.

If you identify as part of the queer community and you have experienced sexual abuse, harassment or bullying, you can share your experience here.
You can also email them to or


About How Revealing:How Revealingis a safe non-judgemental online space for people to share their experiences of sexism, sexual assault and abuse irrespective of their age, gender etc.