Pakistani TV Serial Shows Gay Love Scene, Receives Public Backlash


Hum Nasheen

As the channel’s slogan goes on, “Hum Jaisa Koi Nae”, Hum TV has come into news once again when the latest episode of its popular drama serial, Hum Nasheen went on air this Sunday, on June 9th, 2013. The controversy started when the premier Drama channel of Pakistan telecast a blurred gay love making scene on air which instigated immediate negative reaction from the audiences.

PEMRA, the national media regulatory authority has so far received several complaints over this issue asking to take strict action against the TV channel for promoting unethical acts. The drama has been directed by Sirah-ul-Haque while Shehla Shakoor scripted it. This new controversy is an addition to already existing several such complaints against the channel which has been previously targeted for showing intimate scenes between male and female actors, but this time it’s between male and male actors.

Among the rapid rise in religious extremism and general conservative attitude of Pakistani society, this was indeed a bold attempt by the channel to bring a taboo issue into mainstream lives of average drama watching Pakistani audiences, who consider homosexuality a grave sin and against the law of nature.



Hadi Hussain