Sushant Divgikar is Mr. Gay India 2014


Sushant Divgikar, an anchor for UTV Bindass, is the new Mr Gay India 2014 and will represent India in the Mr Gay World 2014 at Rome in August.

A reputed vocalist, Divgikar’s contribution to the LGBTI cause has been significant, and he has a crucial part in hosting several events, such as the Kashish Mumbai International Film Festival 2014 and GAYSI events. A Masters in Psychology, he also mentors and counsels young adults struggling with issues of sexual orientation and gender identity.

“I am ecstatic as this is a huge honour and responsibility. I want to be able to represent the LGBT community of our country in a responsible way,” he said. The event is more important since it comes after the recent recriminalization of homosexuality.

Battling both jitters and surprise at his win, Divgikar appeared confident. “ I didn’t expect to be chosen. But it feels awesome and I’m glad to represent our country and show the world that the situation of LGBT rights in this country won’t stop us from living our lives with dignity and respect,” he said.

Dhrubo Jyoti
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