10 Videos Of Protests Held Across The World Against Sec 377 On Global Day Of Rage

Sec 377, Bangalore, Global Day of Rage


Hyderabad:“My Body My Rights, My Life My Rights”. Wajood Society has shared this beautiful video of the protest held in the city, with a special thanks to the Hyderabad Police in the end.


Delhi: This Grandmother stole the show in Delhi, fiercely defending LGBT rights

“No Going Back” and slogans of “Azaadi Azaadi” makes it clear that no one in the capital city is going back to closet


Kolkata: The city of Joy shouted: “No More Fight, no more Choice, this is our Queer Right”


Mumbai: People clapped, people sang, fearless as ever.

Bangalore: Disappointed and outraged at the verdict, people in Bangalore shouted “We want Justice” and burnt effigy of IPC Sec 377

And then they shouted “LGBT Unity Zindabad” and “LGBT Rights Zindabad”

And later in the day, held a Freeze Mob too at Brigade Road, one of the busiest area of Bangalore


New York:And in NYC, protesters sang “Prem Che” in their really cute american accent.


London: Finally in Britain, from where Section 377 was imported, a large number of Indians and Britishers (ironically) shouted “377 Quit India”.


Sukhdeep Singh