Global Day Of Rage: Ahmedabad

vallabh sadan, ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, which recently held its first pride walk which was flagged off by the Mayor, is going to protest against Section 377 verdict of the Supreme Court at at 8:30 am near Vallabh Sadan.

Gujarat State BJP has organized “Run for Unity” across all major cities of India tomorrow to kickstart fund raising activities to construct world’s tallest statue – that of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel – near Sardar Dam on river Narmada. Advani is to lead the 3 km long run tomorrow in Ahmedabad near Vallabh Sadan at 8 am. It is the goal of the protesters to let the City of Ahmedabad, those who govern it, and specifically BJP know that with or without 377, ‘we are not going back in closet’.

More details on the Facebook Events Page.


Sukhdeep Singh