The Journey of an Ally

There have been innumerable number of people who have been by my side through my ally journey, educated me at each step, guided me and  more than anything been friends.

Book Review : The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy

TMOUH is primarily a story of margins and marginalized; the ones who are ‘misfit’ for the soceity, the dunya as Anjum rightly called it, where hegemonic majoritarian politics make identities like being Queer, Woman, Dalit, Adivasi, Muslim, Kashmiri, Drug Addict, Syrian Christian, Poor and Uneducated the easy target of unbridled and insatiable hatred.

My Gender Is Not Separate From My Race

I wish I could be as colour blind; I guess life will be easier. But I do not have that privilege, my brown self follows me, clings to me, like the aroma of my Bengali cooking does to my winter coat. So it is not possible for me to talk about my gender and gender presentation without talking about my race.