1. Is “politically Neutral”, but bats for a right wing government (who have vowed to eradicate homosexuals and asanskaris), asking the world to give them a chance.
  2. Bats for making Corporate Policies LGBT inclusive.
  3. Attends Pride, Film Festival or any other queer event in the city to check out hot guys.
  4. Has a Grindr Profile, but is “not seeking sex”.
  5. Dreams of moving to the US/West, find a “gora” boyfriend and get married.
  6. Wonders every year why corporate sponsorship and participation is not allowed in pride march.
  7. Respects religious sentiments while also demanding for active rethinking.
  8. Believes in intersectionality, even if he doesn’t understand what it means.
  9. Can be seen giving out hugs that are harmless to random people at public places.
  10. Has 1 Lesbian in their group of gay friends.
  11. Keeps KarwaChauth Vrat for his/her partner, and argues it as a “choice”.
  12. Has lesbian friends but asks them how they have sex after downing a few drinks.
  13. Says likes house parties, but has never invited anyone home for a party.
(With contributions from Rituparna Borah, Sayan Bhattacharya and Rōmal Lāisram)
(Illustration by: Aritra Paul)
Sukhdeep Singh