3 Amazing Hobbies for Gay Introverts

Gays have the reputation of being social butterflies both in person and on social media. But not all of us are the life of the party. Yes, introverted gays do exist! While many of them (or should we say us) don’t mind being bored spending time at home, some do need some new inspiration for a hobby that will reduce that boredom but also respect their introverted boundaries. Need some ideas for perfect hobbies for gay introverts? Start with these three:


Cooking is more than a hobby—it’s a necessity for most of us. However, if you try to wander away from ramen noodles and frozen chicken nuggets, you will see that it can be a wonderful pastime that will awaken a whole new passion for food in you. Cooking as a hobby is perfect for introverts since it allows you to exercise your creative muscles and provides you with a delicious reward at the end that you can enjoy alone or share with your partner or a friend if you feel like socializing. 

Getting into cooking is very easy and accessible to anyone. Today, there are many LGBTQ-authored cookbooks, blogs and videos on great recipes that are easy and cheap to prepare. And you can experiment with different cuisines, explore other cultures, learn about their lifestyle and try plenty of different flavors and aromas while staying at home. Cooking can be made very simple or very abstract and you can practice as long as you want—there’s no one to push you or pressure you. Plus, by cooking at home, you can avoid crowded restaurants, save money and improve your diet so you can get a thick wallet and thin waist. 


Gaming used to be such a straight boy hobby, but today, more and more girls and LGBTQ+ people are embracing this hobby that allows you to explore new worlds, meet new people and enjoy many adventures from the comfort of your home. While there are not many specifically queer games out there, some have LGBTQ+ characters which will definitely help you feel more immersed in the experience (think The Last of Us, Overwatch, Life Is Strange or Assassins Creed Odyssey). 

Making friends during online gaming sessions is much easier than offline, at least for introverts. Plus, you can be as brave and extroverted as you like while you control your character. And then there are tournaments, forums and conventions that can get you to meet your gaming buddies. In gaming, it’s just important to have a decent PC or console and some good gaming etiquette. Also, make sure to pay attention to your health. First of all, you need to stay hydrated and focused so grab a few gamer drinks that will supplement your body with vitamins and nootropics and achieve focus and hydration. Plus they are tasty and free of sugar! Additionally, don’t forget to stretch and exercise regularly, and take many breaks during your sessions. 


If you enjoy exercising but simply can’t stand crowded gyms or all those straight and loud bros battling it out on the court or field, you can consider running. This hobby is ideal for gay introverts, especially those who suffer from depression, anxiety, stress or any other mental health problem. It has many amazing benefits for both body and mind and can provide you with all the peace and solitude that you might crave after a busy day at the office or school. And if you want, you can still enjoy some companionship and ask your partner to join you or seek a small local running group that will offer safety and security yet definitely not overwhelm you. 

What do you say? Are you ready to enjoy any of these perfect introvert hobbies? Remember that you can gay these up however you like and do them with your partner or friend, but you can also tone them down when your social battery is feeling especially drained.