Help Brandy walk again

Rohan Noronha tells you about Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Hip Dysplasia in dogs is a painful condition, and Brandy maybe going through a lot more than just not being able to move about without help, psychologically speaking. So here today, if you have a pet who suffers from this condition, I sincerely hope this article would throw up some light for your little baby at home who is ever so faithful for your love and care.

There are many reasons as to why Hip Dysplasia can happen, mostly male dogs suffer this condition, and is very common if the dog specie is large and big breed. Some dog breeds have it in their genes; for example, Labradors, German shepherds, Rottweiler’s, and even Golden Retrievers; whereas others succumb to it for many other reasons, which we shall discuss below.

Most of the symptoms occur in young male dogs when they are around the age of four months or so, some show it outright, while others as they grow to be mature. Hip Dysplasia is seen usually in male dogs, between four months to a year in age. Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • The gait is abnormal, with functioning of the hip and spine reduced.
  • The hinds rotate or roll, somewhat like a wiggle.
  • Doesn’t want to exercise or walk the stairs too much.
  • Staggers and sways, lameness on legs.
  • Finds it tough to stand, sit and move.
  • Clicking sounds heard when they move, rise or walk.
  • Chronic cases of hip dysplasia in dogs would show lowering of muscle mass around the rear legs as well.

The diagnosis would be:

  • A gait check, to identify lameness, rolling of hind legs, trotting, walking difficulties, etc.
  • Click or popping sounds when they move around.
  • X-rays which help in identifying the area that has been attacked.

Sometimes to get this evaluation of Hip Dysplasia done, one needs to get the dog sedated or even use anaesthesia as well, since making the hips move correctly would be a task no less painful for Brandy.

If you know someone’s pet or if you think Brandy shows symptoms of Hip Dysplasia, please get him to the vet for further check up and consultation, Brandy needs relief and so do you!!

Rohan Noronha