A Helping Hand

MasturbationRohan Noronha gives you tips on how to keep your man right where you want- in your hands

They say a relationship needs a helping hand to go a long way, and that is so true. That’s why I am writing this for you and I am going to be as blunt and raw as possible so that you get the drift of why relationships need a helping hand. Irrespective of what your main aim would be, whether you want to have great sex with him or just foreplay, or whatever be other reasons, jerking him off the right way would help stimulate the spicy moments between the two of you.

And remember two words which men hate: “not tonight”, they just hate it. But then sometimes when you are not in the mood to have it inside you, what do you do? That’s when your hands work miracles, have you heard of the HANDJOB!! This will keep him happy and you as well, men love handjobs and when you watch adult videos you will find that to be true, so don’t be shy, use your hands wisely.

However, just a handjob to make him orgasm won’t keep him happy, you have to use your imagination and creativity for the same. Remember, men love to be visual and the best thing would be to strip naked in front of him. Crouch down on your feet as if you were on an Indian style bathroom, let him wrap his legs around you, which brings the two of you closer to one another. Once the two of you are in position, allow him to get the best handjob he has ever experienced.

If you want the handjob to go on for long, use the “stop and go” process. Jerk him well and go with speed, the moment you feel he would shoot, STOP!! When he relaxes, start the process all over again, slow in the beginning and then fast, repeat it as much as you want, have fun watching him moan. And when he can not handle the domination anymore, let him loose and watch him squirm and groan.

Have you tried the “shower hand” job yet? This would be fun to do for the two of you. Get into the shower, make him face the wall. Raise his leg to a higher platform and grab a hold of the shower in your hand, facing upside down. Spray the shooting water on his anus and testicles, the water would stimulate him well; and with the other hand of yours which is free, tickle his testicles to enhance pleasure.

Use your feet and make him worship you. Yes, while he passionately kisses you and bites you, use your feet to cup his testicles and penis, rub it gently up and down and make him moan for more, trust me it works like crazy, he will be your slave. Get creative and use toothpaste, what you need to do here is cover his testicles with generous amounts of your favorite toothpaste. Within a minute he would feel good, because the toothpaste would burn his scrotum, nothing to worry of, it is a safe practice. Jerk him off slowly as the toothpaste does its wondrous act.

Men love to scratch, so why not give them a taste of sexual scratching. Stretch his testicles or scrotum while jerking him off, he would love it and gently scratch it now and then, go all the way down to his thighs and in his inner butt line, he would go crazy and astonished that you now know how close you can get to his G SPOT.

Now that’s not all, while you perform the tricks I spoke to you about, don’t forget to talk dirty to him. Cup him in your palms and tell him how good his manhood feels in your hands. Tell him also how you would like to see his love juice shoot in the air, make up stories and that would get him excited. Ye baby!! Men love dirty talk!! Do it when you jerk him gently and take him by surprise getting fast with him.

Rohan Noronha