The modern man is more than just a metrosexual animal; he is now a manscaping man. The world he lives in is a manscaping one, and the modern man is living in it. However, apart from the feel-good factor and look good soiree, does one really understand how beneficial it is to MANSCAPE? For some of you reading this article, manscaping might sound very intimidating. While for others, you may think it is a waste of time, but hey, there are benefits that come with the act. So read on and understand why manscaping is so important.

You Stay Fit and Fine, Health Wise

Don’t pay heed to the many theories out there that delve into conspiracy on manscaping. Grooming and manscaping to speak of are healthy options for you. When you have a lot of pubic hair accumulated down there, there could be repercussions. There could be lack of hygiene in days to come and this could lead to yeast and fungal infections too. When you don’t shave your junk, you are throwing open the doors to yeast and bacterial infections. This happens when there is a lot of human sweat trapped among the pubes, which is unshaved. This is why manscaping is so important, and guess what guys, no matter how much someone says they love the smell of your junk or crotch (natural scents); no one would be interested in disgusting smells and stinks that emanate from human sweat amongst unshaved pubes. This also helps prevent STD’s; think about it.

Make the Bedroom Scene Spicier

If you feel that your sex life needs a boost, and you want it to be more exciting, not dull and boring, it’s time you manscape. Blame it on the forest you have down there. There are studies that show crucial elements when partners were asked to rate penises of their men, the pubic hair saga came into play as very important. Talking about the length and girth or the size of your penis, there isnt much that you can do about it. But what you can do is to manscape and make your manhood look more striking to your mate. This thus helps improve your sex life. Moreover, there is a lot of sensitivity when it comes to touching your manscaped manhood.

More confidence and a better look

Apart from the scientific benefits I spoke about, when it comes to manscaping, it helps make you a more confident and a better looking individual. Your buoyancy increases, the talk of size and the misconceptions that surround the penis girth and length no more would be a woe or a worry to deal with. Copulation gets spicier in the bedroom (as discussed), and you don’t only get to flaunt a tidier manhood, but a larger one too. And all of this just boosts ones confidence and ego.

So now that you have learnt about the benefits of manscaping, here are a few tips on how to manscape right. Please read on.

Tips on manscaping the right way

How to groom your pubes right!

Prior to starting your grooming down there, it is important to wash and clean your hands, and the tools that you would be using to manscape. It is also good to have a quick warm shower before you manscape to help soften the pubic hair. This helps keeping the skin soothe and there would be no irritation when you manscape.

For those that prefer shaving

Shaving is one of the most preferred ways to manscape amongst many guys, but it can be hazardous if you are clumsy. Slicing of the skin can happen and this can expose the genital area to irritants and bacteria. Follicles also are blocked, which can lead to ingrown hair problems. To minimize irritation, it would be best to shave in the direction of the hair growth, and not opposite it. Clean your razor before you start, dampen your pubes and use shaving cream to begin with.

You can opt for waxing or threading

Warm wax strips are applied to the hair surface and then pulled out. This helps remove the hairs from the follicle. Waxing is good as an alternative to the commonly used shaving techniques, because when the hair grows back, there is no itchiness to deal with. On the other hand, if you opt for threading, the hair will be pulled out from the root as well. Both methods are pretty safe, but should not be done on your own. A professionals help would be needed.

Chemical formulas work too

Chemical formulas help break down the keratin in hair and loosen it from the root. This can be applied and then gently wiped off with a sponge or a towel. It is easy to find such hair removing creams at your local pharmacy. However, if you have skin that is sensitive, you may want to not use this method to manscape.

Trim to maintain the pubes

Most men do this pretty regularly and it is fine if you don’t want to chop your pubic hair. Unlike head hair, pubic hair stops growing at a certain stage, so you don’t have a Rapunzel situation down  there, if you don’t cut your pubes regularly. Just ensure that when you trim, you should hold the scissors away from your skin, and not too close to the skin as well, or else you may cut yourself. Be very careful when you cut around the scrotum and the penis, because the skin around there is very sensitive and thin.

I hope you now understand the importance of manscaping, and follow the tips to manscape as well. Do let me know your thoughts about the same. Stay healthy and maintain your hygiene levels. Until we meet next time. Bye.

Rohan Noronha