They say am shameless
Yes I am in my full grace.
For them it’s their world, everything is for them
For me it’s always a shame for being what I am.
When they stare at women with lust, it’s normal
If I look at a man the same way, they call it immoral.

They say am loose character
Yes I am, what’s the big matter?
They can have extra marital affairs uncountable in numbers
But if I have sex with random men, to them it bothers.
They book cheap hotel rooms for hours and they play with body of strangers
If I perform fellatio behind bushes, they ask me questions which have no answers.

They say am cursed, am a sinner
Yes I am, in all glamour.
Some straight acting faggots have double life 
They have men as concubines and back home a wife.
I don’t want to keep double standards, it’s my choice
But they say, don’t be outspoken, lower down the voice.

They say am against God, am not pious
Yes I am not, I love being inauspicious.
When their Gods mate and ovulate HariHara, it’s the epitome of religious belief
But if I mate with a man being a man, I become filthy, worthless, cheap.
If Gods do what I do, they are loved or maybe forgiven
As if only Gods have liberty and for me desires are forbidden.

They say am a deadly disease
Yes I am, an unwanted malaise.
They try to avoid me, and they think they can prevent me often
But how do you prevent me cos am a  pathogen.
The more you avoid the more I will hover their thoughts and mind
Rather wear my shoes you haters and try to be little kind.

You did not choose to be you, you are what you are and will always be
I am non-binary, can’t be boxed in your world and I am proud of being me.

Abhishek Chakraborty
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