The COVID-19 lockdown has badly hit marginalised communities across the world. The transgender community is no exception.

In Kashmir, the situation is particularly difficult. Unlike other parts of South Asia, there is no gharana system in Kashmir. Most members of the transgender community depend on street work or performances at marriages and other ceremonies to make their living. Since March, they have had no source of income and no means to earn a living.

This has left members of the transgender community to fend for themselves during the coronavirus pandemic. One month into the lockdown, their savings are nearly over and they are in desperate need of emergency food relief.

Sonzal Welfare Trust is working towards providing 150 families with dry ration kits to enable them to survive for the next two months. Each two month kit costs Rs. 2500 and contains essentials like rice, pulses, oil, salt, and sugar alongside sanitation items like soap.

Your support will be invaluable in ensuring that our most vulnerable community members, especially the elderly and those living with HIV, can stay home and stay safe during this lockdown. Please do consider lending us a helping hand in these difficult times!

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Dr. Aijaz Ahmad Bund