Summers are gone and it’s wet, wet, wet all out there. Whilst we are battling the traffic woes and the daily grind of getting to college and work, saving ourselves from the pitter patter drops of rain or the deluge somewhere, let’s face it- MONSOON is a season when the hormones do run amok. While walking down the street or maybe traveling in public transport, it does turn us on watching someone wet- let’s not lie about it and pretend as if it never ever happens. Sex is magical in two seasons- when monsoons are in full force or when winter hits the cities around. Don’t ask me why, but the horniness in each of us, rises and we are ready for action. However, instead of making it the same old boring, wham-bham protocol, why not spice things up between the sheets? Here are a couple of ideas and pointers.

Disclaimer: You are welcome to share your thoughts and suggestions on the same, and if you disagree to the post, I respect that too. Enjoy jerking or jerking him off when it rains, and do indulge in golden showers this time- a little kink does not kill!

Don’t get all too comfy

To begin with, it is such a turn off when you have your fuck date or lover come over for a session, and he sits for an hour and then the action begins. A little settling down is a must, a pep talk to begin with is okay, but getting too comfy is not advisable. Undressing one another whilst kissing is a big turn on, and then maybe heading into the shower if you don’t like his balls sweaty and smelly. Make out in the shower, soap and fuck each other there, and then head to the bedroom to continue. Take a small break and sip some wine if need be, get good soft music on and then continue- the choice is endless.

“A Heck of a Day” (Photo by: Laurent Goldstein Photography)

Ass worship

Dear TOPs (and the so called ones too), it is time to know that the BOTTOMS out there need more than just a pounding. While in all fairness, your bottom has chosen you for the romp, but it does not mean thou shall leave it being a one-sided affair. You could be just a fuckboy, a lover, a one minute man or whatever to him; when he goes down on you, your fingers and fist (with his consent) needs to be worshiping his gloryhole. Get him ready for your so called pounding and lube him up with a gentle rimming session, or lube on your fingers. Ass worship shows you care; even if it is for the moment and incidental. There are many sites that can show you how to worship a bottoms ass before ramming it in- you don’t become less of ‘man’ indulging in ass worship.

Alone In A Crowd (Photo by: Laurent Goldstein Photography)

Spank and tease

This is for both the tops and the bottoms, and the versatiles too- a little spanking on the buttocks, turns him on. You are the best judge to ascertain what level of spanking he would like. Some like soft daddy spanks, where you watch the butt cheeks jiggle with gentle hits and tugs. Some like it semi rough, where the gloryhole is pinched and teased, and the butt cheeks are turned semi red. And then there are those that want to be fisted and fingered well, while being spanked hard- a tip here, spank using three fingers directly on his gloryhole- he shall squirm and beg you for more, should he be the hardcore spankmaster lover.

For fuck sake, turn the lights off

See, it is the monsoons and you know its gloomy and grey out there. To add more zing to the mise-en-scene around, don’t illuminate the space when foreplay happens. There’s always something about hearing the rain in the dark of the night, don’t you agree? Do the same when making love to him. Explore his manhood, his body, his gloryhole and his spine, or even the area around the neck and the hips- use your breath here and your fingers- gently rubbing him up and breathing hot naughty words into his ears when its dark around. Let there be no light in this case- he’ll go mad waiting in anticipation for your moves.

In Your Hands (Photo by: Laurent Goldstein Photography)

Sucking is not only the bottoms job

Tops should suck too! Bottoms, be brave and hint at being sucked; pleasure is both ways. However, sucking does not refer to a blowjob only. There are other parts of the body with sensual erogenous nerve endings that a man who is a bottom that can enjoy a good sucked up session with- nipples for example, his ear lobes, the back of his arms, his navel, the back of his knee and thighs- use your tongues, dear tops, it’s better than the pounding you can give at times.

(Photo by: Laurent Goldstein Photography)

Touch yourself

While it splashes out there, and when he’s being blown by you, use your hands to take that saliva to those erogenous zones on your body, and make him watch. This tells him where you want to be touched and played with the most. Touch yourself at places where you want his hands and mouth to explore. Give him indications and directions, finger yourself while he teabags or skull fucks your mouth, so he knows that down there or elsewhere where you would be touching yourself, you are getting ready for action.

The Bank of Karma (Photo by: Laurent Goldstein Photography)

Spooning is fun

Honestly, I personally find spooning as an act that is really intimate, sexy and warm. You can have the dirtiest and whackiest of spooning sessions with him, when he enters you from behind as you lay on the side, and one of his rugged hands caressing your chest and nipples; down there stroking you or fingering you too. Be open to the possibilities of his fingers all at once getting into your glory hole with his penis still inside and pounding- it turns a lot of tops on for the same.

We have heard and read about hot sweaty sex, but I decided to speak about monsoon sex. Why should monsoons be drabby and grey, when wetness around can be a turn on? Think about what I just spoke about (some through my own personal experiences and others from friends that have done it) and let me know your thoughts on the same.

Toodles and happy wetness!

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Rohan Noronha