These Videos Tell You How To Make Your Company Policies LGBTQ Friendly

Diversity Dialogues and Queer at Work, a collective of diversity and inclusion professionals with 30+ years of corporate experience, has come up with videos for companies in India who want to develop a LGBTQ inclusive workspace and policies. This series of 8 short videos, ranging from 1 minute to 3 minutes, provides guidance for organizations looking to build LGBTQ inclusive policies and benefits. If you have been thinking how to make your company LGBTQ friendly, or want to guide your company HR to have inclusive policies, these videos are a good way to start with!

1. Equal opportunity and non-discrimination

This video talks about the most basic policy required for a company to be LGBTQ inclusive – the equal opportunity and non-discrimination policy.

2. Prevention of Sexual Harassment

This video provides guidelines on covering LGBTQ employees in the prevention of sexual harassment policy. It is important in case ff same-sex harassment cases that the person is NOT outed.

3. Leave policy

This segment focuses on making leave policies gender-neutral and inclusive to the LGBTQ workforce.

4. Dress Code

This segment focuses on making leave policies gender-neutral and inclusive to the LGBTQ workforce. Many LGBTQ people express their identity through the way they dress, and so it becomes important for companies to have a dress code policy that gives them the space to express their identity.

5. Washroom Policy

Washroom usage of transgender persons has become an issue of contention around the world, therefore it is essential that an organization clarifies the policy to indicate its inclusive stand.

6. Gender Affirmation Support Policy

How does an organization support an employee who wishes to formally affirm their true gender identity, either through medical procedures or just through their gender expression and pronouns? This video talks about the gender affirmation support policy that inclusive organizations should have (formerly called as transition support policy).

7. Employee Assistance Program

An employee’s physical and mental well-being allows them to contribute to their full potential. Whilst, organizations have an Employee assistance programs to offer counseling and support, how best are these programs equipped to include the LGBTQ workforce. This video covers the idea behind an inclusive EAP program.

8. Culture of inclusion

An organization’s inclusive policies reflect the views of the leadership and management. However, what makes an LGBTQ employee feel welcome and accepted by their peers? This video covers the need for a culture of LGBTQ inclusiveness.

Sukhdeep Singh