Pawan Dhall

Queer Potli – Exploring Urban Queer Spaces Through an Anthology

Queer Potli is a collection of 12 articles. Each article presents a very different view of such spaces which exist all around us. Spaces like private facilitations, NGO walk-in centres, even private spaces such as family and home along with public and cultural spaces, and how these spaces provide and lack safety for every queer person.
चुनाव की रंगारंग सरगर्मी में समलैंगिक अधिकारों की दखल?

अधिकार माँगपत्र – समय की ज़रूरत

चुनाव की रंगारंग सरगर्मी में समलैंगिक अधिकारों की दखल? तस्वीर: बृजेश सुकुमारन। राजनैतिक दलों और राजनीति का हम सब की ज़िन्दगी पर गहरा प्रभाव पड़ता है। देश के... Read More...
Gay RIghts

A Political Turn

Gay rights activists agree that the time has come for the LGBT movement to start asserting itself politically, writes Sukhdeep Singh The political scene in I... Read More...

Friendship Walk 1999

The 11th Gay Pride Parade in Kolkata this year saw over 1500 participants. Owais Khan, one of the participants of the first pride march of India, had penned dow... Read More...
First pride March of Kolkata

A Walk to Remember

Various cities of India celebrated the anniversary of the historic reading down of Sec 377 in their own way. 2nd of July is indeed a historic day for the LGBT... Read More...