Transgender Rights in Islam

Islamic scholars have traditionally acknowledged that Allah created two genders and also created people who cannot be categorized through a binary construction of gender.

In Pics: 9th Chennai Rainbow Pride March

Chennai had its 9th edition of Pride on 25th June, 2017. Huge participation by queer women and a spectrum of people from all walks of life made it a real rainbow parade. The organizers said this is the pride with the most women participation so fa... Read More...

Journey of a Dancing Queen

8 years ago, the Kathak dancer started a dance group called the Dancing Queens which is a tool to advocate gender and sexuality issues like coming out, family support, main streaming, stigma, violence, employment and education

Tete-a-Tete with Apurva Asrani

Apurva Asrani, in this short interview, speaks of Aligarh, homosexuality in the film industry and how Bollywood is gradually maturing over the years and helping common people to come out of the closet.