Poem: A Big Deal of Shame

The impotent storm inside the frigid piece of flesh wanted to scream aloud and say “I am the victim”
And they felt blessed to see my culprit cuddle me..

The serpent hands slipped through my innermost privacy
Laundered the peace and shame with forced intimacy
A venomous beast bites on its tender prey 
Innocence was mutilated with perverted lust

The promise of showing shooting stars remained unfulfilled
Actions under the dumb star studded sky left me thrilled
A cruel wish for mockers I keep buried beneath the veins of my scratched skin
May you be blessed with a childhood to feel those nights which I have seen

I became an adult much before science could claim
It’s not the subject but a set of perverts to blame
Some boast of loosing virginity early, some prefer it as game
I have no words to describe, how much it was for me a big deal of shame.

Abhishek Chakraborty
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