I was much young and much scared
Speaking out I couldn’t have dared
I wiped my own blood and the tears
That night was full of demonly fears


Deep inside lies the scars of forced sex
Dark nights keep me awake, dreams give reflex
He poured with much thrust
In me his liquid of lust


My first kiss I don’t wanna recall
when I was played as a fancy doll
The ghosts I saw in dusky sunset
The beast grabbed me by my chest


Not anyone did see the blood that bled
How was I even much a story to be cared
Mom didn’t pay heed to my words
Dad was busy fixing cable cords


Scars of child abuse stay afresh
Deep inside hidden beneath layers of flesh
What you see me as is not what I show
Past incidents have shunned my confidence to grow
Abhishek Chakraborty
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