Raw and Desi- 5 Reasons Why Men From Small Town Rock The Bed Better

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Men conversing on the ghats of Varanasi (Photo credits: LAURENT GOLDSTEIN Photography)

While browsing through the various options online on gay dating (read: hook-up sites, let’s be honest about that), I have found many profiles asking for the ‘raw touch’. Personally, raw does it for me too and at 35 years of age, I never remember ever wanting a muscular clean-shaven, smooth bodied fair-skinned bloke as a partner. No, don’t get me wrong here and I am certainly not discriminating. Every body is a beautiful body IMO, however, when it comes to personal choices, I like my man raw. And here’s why!

I love man rugs

With the ever rise of the metrosexual bloke, and I salute personal grooming for men with utmost gusto, where are the man rugs vanishing? Pity, pity oh what a pity, and the last sex date I have had was a smooth butter chicken. Needless to say, the bloke was a good talker but something didn’t seem to connect and we ended up kissing and leaving it to that!

Reason #1

No plastic Ken doll versions for me please, I want to date a man with a real body. Shaved or forcefully going smooth is one’s personal choice, and I respect that. For me, a man with the rugs and fur all over doesn’t look as though he wants to be just a pin-up for the world to clap and rant about. A man comfortable with his fur, tells me a lot about how comfortable he could be with tea-bagging too *wink*. And yes, he has more things to think and wonder about than manscaping himself all over, especially down there!

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A young man stepping into the cold holy waters of the Ganges at Lal ghat in Varanasi (Photo credit: LAURENT GOLDSTEIN Photography)

Reason #2

Now when he shaves just the chest or manscape down there, and when he strips, it’s an ugly site. It’s all or nothing darlings, and I want it all (I know of many gay men who want it all too). Finish the job well, or else no point in waxing just one zone. Pubes or no pubes, chest hair or not, finish the whole damn package or just leave it for a touch most of us want to experience! And that’s where the raw desi man comes into play- he’s nonchalant about the fur he can offer.

Reason #3

Have you ever had sex with the boys who aren’t from the city? There is always much to learn from them- wild, powerful, stronger grips and grasps than what I have seen and experienced with men from the cities (no offense). Have you seen their thighs, their feet, their palms, their jaw line and their chin, let’s not forget the long-dong shows they tease you with, and the way they nibble and bite! Pure animalistic and wild I say!

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Photo credit: LAURENT GOLDSTEIN Photography

Reason #4

Sniffing out the genetics of the manly raw desi small town boy scent, is heavenly. From the pits to the orifices and more, every inch of the manly touch comes forth when they climb and clamber over you like puppies ready for suckle times. Rawer the man, the better and hotter the sex is- blame it on the desi pheromones and the raw tongue they have!

Reason #5

The not-so-chaste-English (with fake accents mostly) men from the smaller towns, sound incredibly sexy when they talk dirty- I am sure you would agree on this and I have nothing else to explain here. The words emanating from their lips, is proof enough that men too can have multi-orgasms just hearing another desi man speak, sans the touch!

And before I end, sorry boys from the city, but I still prefer my raw boys from the quirky suburbs and the smallest of towns- their little brothers aren’t the fluffy plucked chickens, if you know what I mean!




Rohan Noronha