Valentine's Day

-Rohan Noronha has a different take on V-Day

Love is…what you make of it!!!

As I sit to type this article, my little puppy Buddy Noronha plays with my foot and seeks his share of attention as well. One look into his eyes, and I see the warmth and love and no expectations whatsoever. Ahaa!! Talking of which my friends, we are now close to being attacked. O don’t you worry; it’s not by the terrorist outfits or anyone anti-social but by CUPID.
Yes, it’s once again that time of the year, as winter moves ahead and makes way for the season of spring, most of us around , rather all of us look forward to the melting of hearts, irrespective if we are in a relationship or not, after all VALENTINE’S Day, is not only for your lover, what about the family you come from or the friends you grew up with or maybe the pet who silently listened to everything you were told in arrogance yet wagged their little tail to give you comfort?

Spring brings anew with it the season of fruitfulness and blossoming of hope and love. Now, I do not wish to tell you the history of VALENTINE’S Day and why is it so important or un-important, but yes am here to ask you to take an hour out of your busy schedule that day to make a difference to someone who doesn’t have another one or ones to share the few moments of happiness with.

Cities and towns around the world on the day of love would be celebrating their own way and style, some being over pompous, the others being soft and silent. Couples of all kinds, shapes, sizes and ages would be seen at almost all places doing what they would want to do best. Let’s not talk about the media, come February 1st and the channels are going to be Bloody Heart Red and soaps, serials and reality shows, would come up with something to show their participation, or must we say in a bid to gain TRP ratings and increase commercialism value of their valuable sponsors.

Funny isn’t it that we chose only one day on this whole calendar from the three hundred and sixty five days to mark it as a day of love. What about the other days, do we take it for granted that one can go cheating about on their lovers, or take their loved ones, or their near and dear ones at home and around for granted ??? Am not being pessimistic but hey, am
still a human with a right to question as long as I don’t harm anyone intentionally or otherwise.

We have all been in relationships, sometime or the other, haven’t we? How is it to be in the cosy feeling of love? I say COSY because I have experienced it thrice through relationships, yes its different that they didn’t work out for various reasons, but I thank my stars for having been able to experience the wonderful ways of LOVE.

Do we have a true definition of LOVE and its COMPONENTS or is it something that we can never be able to quantify? What happens to us when we fall in love? Do we lose the ability to think for ourselves? Do we think that now the most important person in our lives is for the moment our lover with whom we plan to spend the rest of our lives till eternity?? What exactly triggers these emotions? Pheromones or is it something unexplained?

Well, all I could say is we have got to wait and watch, and listen up everyone, I say life is too short for over speculation, leave it to the scientists and spiritualists to decode the mysteries around. For now you start gearing up to celebrate VALENTINE’S the way you want, and yes remember to go ahead and spare and share the one hour from you precious
lovable time with someone or something that would need a warm hug or a helping hand.

Dress in red or any colour you wish, and make yourself and others your favorite dish, so long till we meet someday, live with a smile starting this Valentine’s Day.

Rohan Noronha