Even after 3 months, No action against Policemen accused of gang rape of a Kinnar in Rajasthan


The custodial rape of a Kinnar in an Ajmer jail is being deliberately ignored by the Rajasthan police with the accused men continuing on active duty, human rights organizations complainedon Thursday.

At a press conference in Delhi, activists complained that more than three months after the rape, the police haven’t even suspended the accused, and have booked the victim Nagma and her companions on charges of assaulting a public servant, using this case to force her to withdraw her rape complaint.

“To date, the alleged rapists remain on duty in police stations in Ajmer and have conspired to attack the key witness in the case, Zoya. The police have also created an appalling narrative that kinnars cannot be raped when they are ever ready to “tear off their clothes” and be “available”,” the activists said.

The press conference was organized by the PUCL, Voices Against 377, and the AIPWA.

On 5 June, 2014, a group of kinnars including Nagma and Zoya were travelling from Mumbai to Ajmer. On their way to the Dargah, constable Bhawani Singh stopped their auto to demand a bribe from the auto driver. In the ensuing argument, the constable violently molested Nagma, and when her chelas came to her defense, all were promptly arrested. Later in custody at the Dargah Police Station, Nagma was subjected to gangrape by three policemen. One of the policewomen who witnessed the crime, took Zoya to show her what was happening and urged her to rescue Nagma.

But till date, officials are taking the stand that the custodial gang rape did not occur and that the complainant is lying. Due to the three-month delay, Nagma and her companions, who are witnesses in the custodial gangrape case, are being intimidated and threatened. Zoya was attacked by four men on the night of the 10th of August, 2014, in Ajmer.

Dhrubo Jyoti
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