The Gym Irony

Working OutIf you have been looking for reasons to skip your daily gym session in this sweltering heat, Rohan Noronha provides you with some perfect reasons to do so

It is indeed ironical that we live in a world where McDonald’s, KFC, Subway and Gold Gym are almost synonyms of each other. Funny, but true.

Most of the time, driving down crowded city streets, we see handsome men with bulging biceps and skinny women with well toned bodies looking down at us saying : “Come spend your money and look like us”. They almost make it sound magical. Like when the princess kissed the frog and it turned into a prince. I’m not saying we all look like frogs. Yes, we are closely resembling an ugly cross between an under grown elephant body and a monkey’s face.

But are these gyms really the solution to all our miseries? Will I really look like Brad Pitt or Arnold Schwarzenegger once I start going to the gym? Will I really look like the guys smiling down at me from the billboard? Well, at a cost of whatever they are asking, I guess the common man thinks that it a small price to pay.

Now, let’s hit the gym. So what’s so great about this place? Why does everyone want a piece of this cake? But before that, I wonder who must have thought of the idea of the gym? Well, that would be easy to build even in the Stone Age. And now that machines have taken over our world, what the heck! Let the machines take over this too, a la Terminator. The next generation of machines will pick lazy people and take them to the gym. Now, that’s a great idea.

Coming back to the gym, well this place is nothing too great to look at. And it does not smell that great either. Why would it? With around a hundred people’s sweat present at every nook and corner. Do you really want to lie on the mat that another person has left his sweat on? Think of the germs, the body hair and other foreign particles left by another person. And that’s healthy?

And now for the main reason why people want to go to the gym, to build a well toned, fantastic to look at body. But I ask, what’s the use? Does it really help? In another twenty years, your body is anyways going to shrivel up like a dead flower. By then, the doctor is going to set many restrictions on your eating and your diet will, well, be almost non-existent. It is then that you will look back and say, “Gosh, I should have done more with my life than spending so many evenings at the gym!”

So next time you drive down a crowded street and see a billboard ad with those fabulously looking men and women, think of everything that they had to give up to look like that. And then ask yourself the most important question- ‘Am I ready to give up all that to look good for a few years? It’s anyways going to all go away. Is it really worth it?’

The answer will be the key to whether you should walk in to your neighborhood gym to sign up for the “I Want to Look like Brad Pitt” program.


Rohan Noronha