Dog Seizures

Does your dog suffer from seizures? Rohan Noronha tells you how you can help your pet in such a situation

Timba has been a happy go lucky indigo pup ever since he came to this planet, but sometimes, we all know all too well, how destiny can change. At times we can keep a curb, whereas, sometimes we cannot. Timba has been suffering from dog seizures for the past few months, it began gradually, with frequencies of once a month, to once a week. Till one day it was too late, since it attacked his central nervous system and his body couldn’t take it any longer.

What are dog seizures and what to do when your dog suffers from one? Please read on, and maybe this article would be able to save your baby in time.

It is a stressful time seeing your pet go through such a condition and one needs to understand why dog seizures happen in the first place and what are the best ways to treat such conditions. There are various forms of seizures that could happen to your pet and here we list them for you;

Tonic Clonic Seizure is a mild or severe attack where your pet would lose balance of his body completely and stretch his limbs out. Time frame for such dog seizures would be 30 seconds and once that’s done, he would get up and run about contracting his jaws for sometime.

In the case of Petit Mal Seizures, which is rare in occurrence, the eyes rotate upwards and the dog loses his senses for sometime. In Partial Seizures, the dog would have only a specific area affected, with spasms, contraction of the muscles around the face, or even jerking of some muscles. For Complex Partial dog seizures would be the repetition of seizure traits. He would tend to bite his own limbs, run around frantically, smack his own lips or even be aggressive.

When your dog has Status Epilepticus, which is another form of dog seizures, it could be for a longer period sometimes more than three to five minutes per attack and can extend to almost forty minutes in severe cases. No frequency is measured between attacks and it could be fatal for the dog. Finally, we have Cluster Seizures, which would be a single attack episode, where a dog would have several attacks at one shot.

Here is what you should do when your baby has dog seizures:

  • No restraining movements on him while he is under an attack.
  • Clear the area where he is at once, he could injure himself.
  • Don’t touch his mouth or help him not to swallow his tongue, he wouldn’t respond, but would add to more stress.
  • Calm down and don’t panic, not a good owners sign.
  • Keep other pets away from him, they would be hyper and worried.
  • Finally make a note of the dog seizures and call the vet.
Rohan Noronha