Rohan Noronha

Escort service

Escorting You

Rohan Noronha tells you the things one needs to know while hiring an escort from any social network Action is what we all look for, big time, don’t we? Some of ... Read More...

Casting a Love Spell

Inspired by the Harry Potter wizardry, many love potions are being sold online. Rohan Noronha tells you why love cannot be bought or cast by a spell Recently w... Read More...
Working Out

The Gym Irony

If you have been looking for reasons to skip your daily gym session in this sweltering heat, Rohan Noronha provides you with some perfect reasons to do so  It i... Read More...

Valentine's Day

-Rohan Noronha has a different take on V-Day Love is...what you make of it!!! As I sit to type this article, my little puppy Buddy Noronha plays with my foot ... Read More...

Rohan Noronha

A bohemian at heart, wild child by nature, Rohan A H Noronha speaks to the soul and spirit of many through his writings. Quirky, incandescent, blunt yet polite, styling the less-fortunate and writing is a passion deep rooted and a second-self to him